Who We Are:

Formed in March 2002. We’re LTU’s Noble Anime Society. Our anime club members range from hard core fans to those with a mild interest and just want to know what ‘anime’ is.

The Benefits of Becoming A Member:

You gets lots of anime. You get the opportunity to come to screenings. Also you will be allowed to borrow titles from our library, free of charge. Don’t forget the events that are set up exclusively for members like shopping excursions, movie marathons, gaming nights, trivia nights and cosplay competitions

 How To Join: 

Best place to catch us is at one of our screenings, marathons, special events.

LTSU: http://unione.latrobesu.org.au/Common/ContentWM.aspx?CID=31

To Get More Info:

If you have any questions, you could go to our forum or facebook group and drop us a note, try not to be distracted by the number of posts!

Forum: http://lunasy.org/forum/index.php

Email: lunasy.au@gmail.com

 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/338660789558689/

Discord: https://discord.gg/zPaFyEv

LTSU’s LUNASY page: http://unione.latrobesu.org.au/Clubs/Club.aspx?CID=27