LUNASY Logo/Mascot Redesign Competition

Hey everyone,
We have an exciting competition for all Lunasy members who wish to compete.

We are opening up a competition to redesign the Lunasy logo. This also includes the Mascot(s).

The winning design will not only become the new logo and mascot(s), but also the artist will be able to select from one of the following prizes; a $50 madman gift voucher, a yearly Crunchyroll subscription or a yearly Animelab subscription.

Here’s the rules:
1. Images must not include or promote inappropriate material.
2. There must not be more than 2 mascots (If you choose to design a pair then they must keep to a theme e.g. a magical girl and a familiar, complementary polar opposites, angel and devil (our current mascots) etc..) Don’t feel locked in to the mascots being human either.
3. It must NOT contain copyrighted material. (original characters and original designs please!)
4. No comic Sans, or Papyrus. I don’t care if you’re Da Vinci.
5. Please design your Logo to fit within the dimensions of 2480×481 (so that it doesn’t pixelate when we use it for posters) and will need to look good when shrunk down to 954×185 (for the website banner). So you must ensure that it follows this ratio and fits neatly within these dimensions. (the background of the logo must be plain or transparent)
6. You may, and we would love it, if you included further mascot designs for promotional and club event purposes. (there are no limitations on scale or proportion for this, however if you are creating extra mascot designs please keep the background plain or transparent)
7. Finally the winning design will become the clubs to use how they see fit. You will be acknowledged as the original designer.

For full transparency the committee will be allowed to compete, however any member competing will not be allowed to vote on a winning design, nor will they be allowed to view any submission before they have submitted their own. We guarantee that this will be fair and unbiased.

Please send your entries via email to with the Subject Line ‘Lunasy Logo Design – (your name)‘, also give a brief description to describe and name your mascot(s), and their relationship.

Entries close on the 14th of July. Public voting will commence on the 16th and close on the 22nd of July. Members of the committee will then select from the top 5 designs as voted by the community. The winning piece will be revealed by the end of the mid-term break.

Get cracking, and have fun! We’re looking forward to seeing some amazing designs!