This is it, our Halloween event! Full of food, fun and cosplay!
We invite you to come and enjoy yourself at this month’s marathon!

Rooms: HU3 402
HU3 404
HU3 411A

Activities include;
> Screenings of thriller, horror and spooky animes! (Most of the day)
> Trivia of both New and Classic animes! (6pm-7pm)
> Cosplay Parade and Competition! (3-3:30pm)
> and plenty of free time and games! (No time limit)
So feel free to bring games, cards and laptops!

Dinner is included, with FREE PIZZA during trivia at 6pm-7pm, and even more snacks through out the day!

Full schedule: (please note this is only for the main screening room, we have 3-4 other rooms to screen other anime in)
12pm – 1:30 Mononoke
1:30- 3 Ghost Hunt
3-3:30 Cosplay
3:30-5pm drifters
5-7 Corpse Party
6PM Pizza Order submitted
7-8pm Trivia
8-10pm Hell Girl
10pm Finish

Trivia will occur at least an hour earlier than what is scheduled in the time table. Estimated time of trivia 6pm-7pm.