Ramen Eating Competition [26.9.2017]

Hey everyone,

So a bunch of anime clubs from across Melbourne got to arguing: Which one was the best? Each one knew the answer – trick is, they each had a different one. So, we decided to settle this properly… WITH FOOD!

The 7th Annual Ramen Eating Competition is ON! Compete with your anime club for glory, prizes, and a really cheap late lunch. All you have to do is finish as many bowls as you can in five minutes.

When: Tuesday September 26
Where: Ramen Ya at the Emporium
What Time: 3 pm

Follow this link (https://goo.gl/forms/FLFLMfbSRjKy7RWS2) to register for your club’s team – each club is limited to 8 people, so get in fast.