April Marathon [23.04.16]


Hey everyone!

This month we decided to hold a SCI-FI themed marathon. Anime will be playing in two rooms, one room will be gaming and another room will just be to hang out/ homework or anime discussion. This is specifically because no everyone enjoys the sci-fi genre.

Date: 23 April 2016
Time: 10am – 10pm
Location: PW 215, 217, 218, 219

Screening Schedule: (we have two different rooms showing anime, this marathon PW 215 and PW 217)

10:00am-11:00am Both rooms- Sharing time

PW 215- Classroom Crisis
PW 217- Luck & Logic

PW 215- Knights of Sidonia
PW 217- Ajin

PW 215- Steins; Gate
PW 217- Schwarzesmarken

PW 215- Fullmetal Panic
PW 217- Charlotte

PW 215- Terror in Resonance
PW 217- Dimension W

Both rooms- Sharing time

All rooms- Pack up

Frequently asked questions:

Q1. Do I have to stay for the entire time?
A. Of course not; I mean, you can if you like. It is normal for members (new or current) to rock up just before lunch.

Q2. Where do you guys go for lunch?
A. We normally drop by our on campus Subway or others (who are willing to walk or drive the extra distance) pick up food from McDonalds.

Q3. What about dinner?
A. We order pizza from Sinners.
Here is the menu:
@ [NjQyMTgzOTU5MjA4MTA3Omh0dHBcYS8vd3d3LnNpbm5lcnNtYWNsZW9kLmNvbS5hdS86Og==:http://www.sinnersmacleod.com.au/]

Q4. How much do we pay for the food? Or is it free?
Lunch is normally brought individually. For dinner we will be subsidizing half a large pizza each. If you want a whole pizza to yourself, then you just pay the difference smile emoticon

Q5. Can I bring my own board games and console games to play?
A. Hell yeah!

Q6. Are you watching the episodic Ajin or the movie version?
A. Episodic version

Q7. Which car park are the buildings near?
Car park 2 is probably the closest to PW rooms http://www.latrobe.edu.au/…/bun/Melbourne-Site-Plan.pdf

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

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