June marathon [27.06.15]

Hey everyone!

Yo, another Marathon.

School theme (loosely).
In HS1 301 & 302 (sadly).

10-12 Share time

12-13 Lunch

13-15 Dialy lives of High School boys

15-17 Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun

17-20 Toradora

20-22 Ouran High School Host Club

Also, in 302:
From 13:00 :
Valkyria Chronicles (the remains from screenings)

Please note: We are really sorry for the late notice.


Frequently asked questions:

Q1. Do I have to stay for the entire time?
A. Of course not; I mean, you can if you like. It is normal for members (new or current) to rock up just before lunch.

Q2. Where do you guys go for lunch?
A. We normally drop by our on campus Subway or others (who are willing to walk or drive the extra distance) pick up food from McDonalds.

Q3. What about dinner?
A. We order pizza from Sinners.
Here is the menu:

Q4. What if I don’t like what’s currently showing?
A. Well.. As you can see above, we always book two rooms for that very reason. We play our anime in one room and

the other?… well there is nothing wrong with going into the next room to play a board game/homework/console games.

Q5. Speaking of board games.. Can I bring my own to play?
A. Hell yeah!

Q6. Does anyone own Monster Hunter 4 and want to go on a group hunt?
A. very confident that at least two of our current members have the game and.. umm.. well.. the more hunters, the easier the hunt! basically.

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

Schedule is subject to change due to circumstances including but not limited to electromagnetic fields,
doppelgänger replacement, acid rain, strange animal behaviour, mutiny and the whims of the Screening