Summer Camp [02.02.15]

Hi all,

All members can now finally book for summer camp!20130905sh39

Date: 02 – 06.02.15

Location: [Please refer to forum post]

Meeting/departure time and location:
Meeting location: Pings Cafe Moat (Latrobe uni)
Meeting time: 1:00pm – 1:30pm
Time of departure: 2:00pm

Important points:
– I’ve booked for 18 attendees (please note that there are 17 beds available)
– Last payments will be taken during January marathon (unless alternative arrangement has been made with Jen, our club president)
– Priority for bookings go to drivers, then those who have paid and finally non drivers
– Priority for beds go to couples, then drivers, then non drivers
– Please use the dishwasher whenever possible, and please let a cycle when full
– Please bring along your own sheets, pillow cases and other linen
– The noise curfew will be posted here when confirmed with committee

$40 Drivers
$90 Non – drivers


– Payments can be made to Luis (our treasurer) during our January marathon
– Online payments can be made at the bottom of this page
– And yes, you will receive a payment confirmation email to your preferred account

List of attendees:
[Please refer to forum post]

Dinner Cooking / cleaning roster
[Please refer to forum post]

Online camp payment section: