LUNASY AGM [24/10/14]

Hi there,

It is that time again, and we are looking for la trobe students who will be happy to represent our club next year (and after the AGM ends). But, before that happens we must have an AGM (annual general meeting).

Date: 24/10/14
Time: 1pm -2pm (1 hour max)
Location: Simpson Lawn (opposite ELT – Eastern lecture theatre on La trobe uni, Melbourne/Bundoora campus)

Below are the following club positions which are up for grabs:
– - 189202 asahina_mikuru game_cg koizumi_itsuki kyon nagato_yuki suzumiya_haruhi suzumiya_haruhi_no_tsuisou suzumiya_haruhi_no_yuutsu
– Vice President/Secretary
– Treasurer
– Screening Director
– Assistant Screening Director
– Web Administrator
– Publicist
– General committee member

Please feel free to nominate yourself on our AGM forum event

If you cannot make it to the meeting and you would like to run for a position on our committee, please notify us (this can be done through a reply thread on our forum page) and a proxy can be organized.